This is the modern Hoeing Machine Which is used to hoe the soil following the plantation and to struggle with the weeds.

Hoeing machine with springs is a modern hoeing machine which is used in order to loosen the soil of the plant that is being developed following the plantation and to struggle with the weeds.

The producure of loosening the soil a procedure which is required for accelerating the planttoor development by increasing the rate air in the soiland br reducing the evaporation and water loss. Thanks to the adjustable discs connected to the the units, it helps to cover the developing plants with soil and to break the soil crusting which had formed betweenthe rows. The units have a structure of which the distances between the rows and depths can esaily be adjusted and they operate esaily without being effected from the heights on the land since they operate independent of each other.

There is a movement disc with transmission in the machines

with fertilization equipment. This way, the desired quantity of the fertilizer to be thrown can accurately be adjusted. In the machines without fertilization equipment, guide discs are attached, instead of movement disc, hoeing without slipping even on sloped land and without damaging the plant

Irtem Hoeing Machines With Spring is produced with or without fertilization equipment as based on the demandd.


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