Hose Reel Irrigation Machine

Hose Reel Irrigation Machine
Our hose-reel irrigation machines are mobile irrigation systems which don’t need physical effort and irrigate the desired area with the desired amount and time.
Why you should choose the İrtem Irrigation?
• Long-life gearbox
• Fortified wrapping system
• Electronic control unit that can adjust water flow and irrigation speed.
• Save on labor costs with an Install-and-drop working style.
• Integrated solar panel that supplies the charge of the battery for the electronic control unit.
• Electronic winding speed control panel.
• Electronically controlled by-pass valve.
• Galvanisation and long-life painting on all surfaces which come into contact with water.
• Hydraulically controlled lifting arm.
• 90x12 mm and 110x12 mm imported hoses which are long life, friction-resistant and suitable for high water flow.
• 300, 400, 500 mt long, with 3 different model choices.
• A compact design that is suitable for wing and sprinkler irrigation.
• 3 different nozzle choices in the wing and sprinklers.
• The most suitable irrigation system for natural precipitation.
• Efficient water usage.
• Labor and time saving as it’s a one man operation.
• Broad dealership and service network by the assurance of İrtem

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