Pneumatic Precision Planter

Aesthetics is also important to us as much as function.
We also made these changes on our Pegasus model while we were redesigning it:
• Continuous motion transfer, silent operaton, longlife construction, chain transfer system; all  which has proven to be easy and economic maintenance features.
• X-Frame chassis which provides changing distance easily and fast between rows by only one nut.
• Very succesful sowing performance with every dimension and type of seed by a strong vacuum fan which provides maximum pressure and airflow compared to its rivals. A strengthened vacuum fan is standard on the machines which have between 2 and 8 sowing units.
• Silent operation: Closed type fan cover design which provides a comfortable working place for the operator with decreased noise from the high speed fan.
• 22 different sowing disc options to provide a large variety of distance on the rows, even for the same type but a different diameter and species of the seed.
• Polyoxymethylen (Delrin®) bushings which eliminate problems like corrosion, merge, and abrasion by preventing the contact between metal surfaces.
• Large fertilizer tank capacities, which are 2x225 liters in plastic tank models, and 2x260 liters in metal tank models.
• Mud scrapers, which are standard on all axe type models for the prevention of mud retention on the pressure wheels in humid soil conditions.
• A longlife 2-piece soil cleaver.
• A double hydraulic piston marker system with a speed adjusment valve.
In our double piston marker systems, the marker arm stays upright when it is unused and it doesn’t increase the working width of the machine. In this way, it won’t come into contact with obstacles like trees or border wires in the field. In steel-rope systems, the operator could interfere manually in case of encountering this kind of obstacle but in the double piston marker systems, there is no time loss.
• 2 speed regulator valves in every marker system.
These valves serve to become compatible with the operating speed of the hydraulic lifts which are being used in the equipment with the pressure differences that can change by the brand and the model of the tractors, and it ensures to give optimal working conditions.
Speed regulator valves are standard equipment along with the double piston marker system.  There is also a socket fastening slot for preventing damage to the speed regulator valves and hydraulic connections when it’s in the park position.
• There is a practical connection design by a lock pin which is used to avoid danger if the marker discs stay over the machine while on the highway.
• Speed-sensitive electronic micro-granule distributor unit (optional) which has a high precision patented inlet housing design.
It is also possible to bring a micro-granule distributing feature by just changing a gear in our all “with fertilizer” models, if required.
• Fast and easy connection to the tractor by a locked crank system.
• Automatic lock and unit lifting arm that we provide as a standard feature for all models which is easily accomplished by one person.
• There are different model choices which were developed for climatic and geographic requirements along with customers’ requests in İrtem Pneumatic which you can see below:
- 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 unit models
- With or without fertilizer
- Disc or axe type options
- Plastic or metal fertilizer tank 
• Seed and fertilizer wheels with a suspension system which provides continuous power transfer without being influenced by the undulated soil surface.
• Industrial Design Patents that secure the intellectual properties of the original designs which solely belong to İrtem Pneumatic.
• A large dealer and service network with the backing and assurance of İrtem.

Dear customers, are you satisfied with the service you received from us for your machines?


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